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As first step of Air-conditioner business AMERICAN AIRE Airconditioning has grown from a small foundation in 1980 as a trusty domestic distributor. Twenty years of experiences has built up our business come to next step to be one of the grown up Air-conditioner manufacturer of the brand ”AMERICAN AIRE" in USA.
In term of ordinary business purpose AMERICAN AIRE Air conditioning is manufacturing in full line assembly of Air-conditioner products and distributor of Air-conditioner under the company's trade mark and international well-known trademark. AMERICAN AIRE Airconditioning is a manufacturer of complete Air conditioner of split type, ducted type, window type both for domestic and overseas air-conditioning users. AMERICAN AIRE Air conditioning has been esteemed and trusted by their clients of Air conditioning since its establishment in 1980 manufacturer under various brands of domestic and overseas clients.
We have also adapted the hi-tech computer system to operate and control the manufacturing process in order to provide more efficient and reliable in production system. Absolutely, our company also provides spare parts to various models of Air-conditioners and other type of cooling machines.
On behalf of AMERICAN AIRE Air conditioning we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our dear customers for your support and trust in our company throughout the years. We will keep developing the entire production portion for most qualified and trustworthy products.

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